Too Much and Not Enough


This course is in development.  We will post more information once the course has been made available online.

Price: The requested fee for this course is $175.00 $65.00 (for a limited time).  This course comes with all inline reading materials, resources, and a whole lot of handouts.

Hours:  This course has been designed for 8 hours (.8 CE’s) of Continuing Education – an easy knockout in one day.

Please see the Policies, Refunds, and Disclaimers for more information about CE’s and student expectations – by taking this course, you are agreeing to be bound by the same.

Course Description

This course is designed for Mental Health practitioners, but can be applied to just about any healing industry.  We often grapple with what is considered medically necessary and why is that important for documenting our sessions with clients?  In fact, many of us struggle with the idea of having to take the time to properly document each and every session.

Included in this course is the in’s and out’s of properly documenting a psychotherapy (or other healing) session; what is absolutely medically necessary, what isn’t, and why it is important even if you don’t take insurance.  Also included are several ways or styles of documentation, as well as templates that can make documenting sessions much easier.

Key concepts covered include:

  • Medical (Insurance) Requirements
  • Ethics
  • Documentation Styles
  • And Much More
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