Navigating the Insurance Nightmare


This course is currently under development.  We will post more information once the course has been made available online.
Price: For a VERY limited time, the requested fee for this course is $375.00 $150.00.

Hours: This course has been designed for 26 hours of Continuing Education. Please see our CE and Licensing Information for more information about CE’s and our Student Code of Conduct – by taking this course, you are also agreeing to be bound by the Terms and Conditions.

Course Description

This course is designed for Mental Health and other healing professionals who are already licensed or are on the path towards licensing, and who have already experienced a clinical environment.  It is not necessary to have already been involved in insurance credentialing, nor do you need to have already been involved in billing insurance companies, but some knowledge of insurance terminology is important. Included in this course is a review of clinic setup pertinent to insurance billing, as well as an overview of insurance credentialing (also known as paneling).

Key concepts covered include:

  • Insurance Reality / Behind the Scenes
  • Setting up your clinic for insurance credentialing
  • Billing Ethics
  • Understanding insurance principles and terminology
  • Understanding HIPAA and how it relates to insurance billing
  • How to best communicate with insurance companies
  • Electronic versus manual billing submissions
  • And Much More


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