Welcome to Courses at Sacred Wandering

The Courses at Sacred Wandering Continuing Education
Continuing education plays a critical role in our continued growth. Massage practitioners, Mental Health Counselors, Social Workers, and so many other licensed professionals must engage in a certain number of CE hours as mandated by the State of Wisconsin. Our courses offer alternatives for licensed professionals looking for other modalities or for updating their knowledge with current professional practice. looking to grow as a practitioner.

Not Just For Professionals
“I see a course I’d like to take, but I’m not a <type of> professional or I don’t need the continuing education hours.” ~ Of course you can take our courses. We are open to every person at every level, and welcoming to all people for what ever reason.  If you would like to take our courses just to better yourself or expand on what you know already, then we hope you too will feel right at home.

Please let us know how we can assist your transformation.

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